Outdoor Danish brand Bison has been to Mallorca a few times now. Working in lake Cuber in this occasion was certainly no exception. It is always a lot of fun working with photographer Christina Bull and creative director Mette Pors. Our collaboration took us to Gran Canaria last time. Photos of which to follow soon.

Photographer: Christina Bull

HD-Bison_Mallorca_1_058 HD-Bison_Mallorca_10_040 HD-Bison_Mallorca_11_080 HD-Bison_Mallorca_11_158 HD-Bison_Mallorca_12_005 HD-Bison_Mallorca_12_034 HD-Bison_Mallorca_12_118 HD-Bison_Mallorca_2_109-1 HD-Bison_Mallorca_2_1351 HD-Bison_Mallorca_3_081 HD-Bison_Mallorca_4_096 HD-Bison_Mallorca_5_012 HD-Bison_Mallorca_5_087 HD-Bison_Mallorca_6_067 HD-Bison_Mallorca_7_061 HD-Bison_Mallorca_8_036 HD-Bison_Mallorca_9_020